Excavating, Grading, And Complete Site Development

Complete Site DevelopmentFlorida Parking Area Maintenance is a trusted source for new site development in the Tampa Bay area for all commercial and industrial projects. Our personnel have the capability and experience to develop multiple phases that a new construction project requires.

We operate a fleet of modern grading equipment and can provide you with the following excavating and grading services in the Tampa, Fort Myers, Clearwater areas:

  • Excavating
    • Site Excavation
    • Construction Site Preparation
    • Pond Excavation
    • Footing Excavations
    • Excavating Drainage and Culverts
  • Grading
    • Rough Grading
    • Finish Grading
    • Soil Stabilization
  • Paving
    • Aggregate Base Grading
    • Curbing
    • Sidewalks

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