Parking Lot Service and Repairs

Parking Lot Services & RepairsCommercial parking lot owners and community subdivisions are always looking to improve the condition and appearance of their asphalt parking lots and other paved surfaces while cutting down on costs too. At Florida Parking Area Maintenance, we can help you do both. 

Asphalt Repairs For Subdivisions, Condos & Commercial Facilities
For commercial parking lot owners, we’ll schedule and complete your paving or repair job at hours that won’t interfere


Curbing, Sidewalk, And Asphalt Repair

Serving Lee, Pinellas, Hillsborough Counties – Tampa, Fort Myers, Clearwater

St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Dunedin, Palm Harbor

with your business or your customers. For example, we can start work on your  job at the end of the week and finish the paving and pavement marking by Monday morning. 

For condominiums and subdivisions, we’ll complete your pavement repairs with minimal disturbance to traffic and parking and we will communicate with your local contact person, so residents and owners will know what to expect in advance.

Whether you need a few pot holes filled or whether you need some traffic signs installed, Florida Parking Area Maintenance can help.

Call us to update your handicap ramps according to ADA requirements, install some bollard poles or speed humps, re-stripe your pavement traffic markings, replace and re-stencil your car stops, or adjust your catch basins. We do it all!

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